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Spanish-American Painters & Sculptors

DATES December 15, 1974 through January 19, 1975
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  • December 26, 1974 The Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue, is presenting an exhibition of works by 34 members of South-American Painters and Sculptors, a professional organization of artists from Spanish-speaking countries who now live and work in the metropolitan area. Two works by each artist are included in the show, which will be on view in the Museum’s Community Gallery through January 19. The exhibition, organized by two members of S.A.P.S., Felix Disla, President, and Poncio Salcedo, was installed by Richard Waller, Coordinator of the Community Gallery.

    “Most of the artists represented here,” says Mr. Wailer, "are painters who grew up and received their formal art training in Latin America before moving to New York. For several of them, the mythology of their native cultures is combined with 20th-century surrealist fantasy. The imaginary figurative landscapes of Washington Ledesma, an Uruguayan who arrived here last year, are examples. Abstract paintings are structurally strong, formal and cubistic; intense, vibrant colors predominate.”

    Artists represented in the exhibition include Nicolas Esposito and Luis Galinski, Argentina; J. Myriam Bedolla, Chile; Lucia Alverez, Eloisa Castellanos, Osvaldo R. Marti, Rodulfo Tardo, Gilsela Valentina and Robert Estopinan Vera, Cuba; Elena Cabrera, Felix Disla, Leonardo Disla, Jose Perdomo and Poncio Salcedo, Dominican Republic; Hector Anchundia S., Victor H. Cevallos and Anibal Chiza, Ecuador; David Fisher, Jr. and Louis Velez, Puerto Rico; Ben Castro, San Salvador; Washington Ledesma and Francisco Miccio, Uruguay; and Elba Damast and Rene Moncada Perez, Venezuela.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1971 - 1988. 1974, 046.
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