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Original Designs Created by Charles James (Millicent H. Rogers gift)

DATES January 1, 1948 through December 31, 1948
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  • November 9, 1948 Mrs. Millicent Huttleston Rogers presented a collection of clothes made for her by Charles James over a ten year period to the Brooklyn Museum. Mr. Charles Nagel, Jr., Director of the Museum, accepted the designs for the Museum.

    The guests attending the preview were:

    Mrs. Paul Assumption
    Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Bacon III
    Mrs. Grace Banker
    Mr. John Barrett
    Mr. Cecil Beaton
    Mr. Herbert Bergdahl
    Mrs. Edward C. Blum
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Blum
    Prince and Princess Boncompagni
    Mr. Erik Braagaard
    Mr. Brooks
    Mr. Francis Carpenter
    Mme. Louis Cartier
    Count and Countess Igor Cassini
    Mr. Hugh J. Chisholm, Jr.
    Mrs. M. D. C. Crawford
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Suydam Cutting
    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Davidson
    Countess Elizabeth de Bruniere
    Baron Nicholas DeGunsburg
    Mr. Richard De Menecal
    Mr. George Dix
    Miss Margaret Enders
    Miss Elizabeth Fairall
    Miss Ruth Ford
    Miss Muriel Francis
    Mr. Charles Fry
    Mrs. Giles
    Mr. John Jay Gordon
    Mr. Milton Green
    Mrs. Lillian Greneker
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hearst, Jr.
    Mrs. Jack Heinz
    Mr. H. P. Horst
    Miss Ruth Jacobs
    Mr. Charles James
    Colonel and Mrs. Robert Johnson
    Mr. Terrence Kennedy
    Mr. Albert Kornfeldt
    Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lee
    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lee
    Mrs. Morton Topp Lee
    Mrs. Kent Legare
    Mrs. Thomas Leiter
    Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lieberman
    Mrs. Louise
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Bradley Martin
    Miss Julia McCarthy
    Miss Francis McFadden
    Mrs. Joseph Mellon
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Moore Montgomery
    Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Morton
    Mrs. Michelle Murphy
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nagel, Jr.
    Mr. Patrick O’Higgins
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allerton Parker
    Miss Kate Peil
    Mr. Terrence Philip
    Miss Eleanor Pierce
    Miss Jane Pierce
    Miss Virginia Pope
    Mr. Alan Priest
    Mr. Arturo Ramos
    Mr. Paul Ramos
    Contessa Caroline Rasponi
    Count Lanfranco Rasponi
    Mr. and Mrs. George Raymond
    Mrs. Appleton Read
    Mrs. Benjamin Rogers
    Mrs. Millicent H. Rogers
    Mr. and Mrs. Billy Rose
    Mr. Jean M. Schlumberger
    Mrs. Beatrice Simpson
    Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Slatin
    Mrs. Carmel Snow
    Miss Eleanor Spencer
    Captain William D. Thomas
    Mr. Malcolhm Vallance
    Mr. and Mrs. T. Reed Vreeland
    Mr. Canton Walker
    Mr. Felix Wildenstein

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 10-12/1948, 107-8.
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