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Valentines (Mrs. James H. Post Collection)

DATES February 01, 1931 through 1931 (date unknown)
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  • February 14, 1931 Appropriate to the 14th of February the Brooklyn museum has just put on view in the Department of Decorative Arts, two interesting cases consisting of 43 Victorian Valentines, lent by Mrs. James H. Post, for several weeks. The pieces date anywhere from 1830 to 1875, which means that the oldest ones came into existence on hundred years ago. Practically all of them were sent and received by Brooklynites at Editor's discretion

    Such a collection is particularly interesting now as there is a revival of interest in old valentines and collectors are beginning to seek them. In this display can been seen lovely embossing and lacy cut-out work adorned with flowers, birds and hearts. They prove that there was considerable skill exerted in the old days in producing these delicate messages. Each one has its love sentiment and many of them are highly ingenious, such as the one with two paper doves which flutter in the air when anyone blows across the surface of the paper. Others have remarkable cut-out accordion work which raises the centre of the piece half an inch to an inch above the centre of the paper and there is even one with a small diminishing glass inserted in it.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 01-03_1931, 020.
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