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Dolls and Toys of Many Lands

DATES December 15, 1939 through January 29, 1940
  • December 15, 1939 Actual dolls and dolls in books will be put on view in an exhibition from December 15th to January 15th at the Brooklyn Museum assembled from loans, the Museum’s collections and Museum library material.

    The bulk of the dolls will be a collection of Brooklyn origin, which is being lent anonymously, consisting of 75 American and foreign contemporary dolls, all six to ten inches high. Among them are two characters from the Prince Igor ballet and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in coronation robes with a Grenadier Guard. (See accompanying list for other items in this section).

    These will be supplemented by American and French 19th Century dolls from the Museum’s costume collection and, from other departments, puppets from Java, ritual dolls of the North American Indians, ancient dolls from Egypt and Greece, dolls from China and Japan and marbles and whistles from East India. There will also be fashion dolls lent by the Margit Nilsen Studios, the chief exponents of this type of doll.

    Still another section will be this year’s version of dolls that have become classics in our time, such as Pinocchio, the Ugly Duckling and Ferdinand the Bull, shown with the books and illustrations by which they became famous.

    Other volumes and illustrations will be “Playing Cards” by Lady Charlotte Schreiber and Henry d’Allemagne, “Le Bon Genre” French color prints of performing dogs, puppet dolls, and a roller coaster of the 19th Century, “Toys” by O. Seyffert, “Die Hollandische Patrizierhauser” by Muller, “Poupees et Legendes de France” by Marie Koenig, “Spielzeug der Volter” a portfolio of European folk dolls drawn and painted by Fritz Rumpf and O. A. Erich and other authoritative books on the history of dolls will be open to plates. Some of the volumes will be “Histoire des Jouets” by d’Allemagne, “Children’s Toys of Bygone Days” by Grober, “Dolls” by Esther Singleton, “Toys of Other Days” by Mrs. F. Noville Jackson and colored drawings of Arizona Indian dolls with example or two of actual dolls from the Museum’s collections.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939 - 1941. 11-12/1939, 316.
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  • December 15, 1939 AMERICAN GROUP
    New Orleans: Vegetable vender
    New England grandfather and grandmother
    Navajo man and woman
    Pilgrim couple
    Colonial couple
    Mohawk Indian girl
    Ozark Mountain couple
    Southern woman
    Amish couple

    Germany, Oberammergau
    U.S.S.R. man and woman
    Belgium, Fish peddler
    Holland, Volendam
    Denmark, Knitting woman Italy, Franciscan Monk
    Poland, Hootzool mountaineers
    Poland, Dancing girl of Cracow
    Greece, Evzone
    Greece, Court dress
    Greece, Fete day dress
    Hungary, Bridge and groom
    Morocco, Water carrier
    Morocco, Snake charmer
    Morocco, Riff woman
    Bulgaria, Woman with water pails
    Bulgaria, Priest
    Czechoslovakia, man and woman
    Thailand (Siam) Temple dancer
    Russian Ballet “Prince Igor”
    France, Blanch of Castille
    France, Knight of the Middle Ages
    France, Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes
    France, Old French couple
    England, King George VI Coronation May 1939
    England, Queen Elizabeth
    Scotland Royal Stuart tartan
    Ireland Leprechaun
    India Hindu woman
    Labrador Eskimo
    Canada, New Brunswick man and woman
    Italy, Vatican City Swiss Guard
    Italy, Rome Flower vender
    Italy, Alpine climber
    Italy, Venice
    Cuba, Spanish festival costumes
    Cuba, Rhumba dancers
    Cuba, Musicians
    Old Panama City, Woman
    Mexico, Peddler
    Guatemala, Rug weaver
    Bolivia, Indians in ceremonial dress
    Ecuador, Man

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939 - 1941. 11-12/1939, 317.
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  • January 12, 1940 The Exhibition of Dolls and Toys of Many Lands at the Brooklyn Museum which was at first scheduled to close on January 15th has been extended through Sunday, January 28th.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1939 - 1941. 01-02/1940, 010.
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