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Prints by Peter Sager

DATES September 17, 1946 through October 27, 1946
  • September 17, 1946 An exhibition of thirty prints and several pieces of sculpture by the young Canadian artist, Peter Sager, opens in the Brooklyn Museum Print Gallery September 17 and will be current through October 27.

    Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1920, Sager studied at the British Columbia College of Arts. He also studied sculpture at a private studio. Not eligible for army service, he worked during the war in the Plaster Moulding Department of the Boeing Aircraft Company of Canada. He is now a producer of documentary films with the National Film Board in Ottawa.

    In his black and white prints and his sculpture, Peter Sager often employs structural and plastic designs reminiscent of his native surroundings. Thus Indian totems, northern islands, ice-floes, the contour of an old French village are developed into strong, harmonious, abstract compositions. A sensitive artist, who understands the materials of his craft, Peter Sager endeavors to state universal themes in contemporary terms. Among his more recent graphic works are The Ascent, Night Metamorphosis, My Friend and At the Crossroads. In their strong but subtle compositions and forthright statements they bespeak the keen observations of an eminently capable modern artist.

    Peter Sager has had one-man shows in Vancouver, in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco and Philadelphia. The present exhibit in the Museum’s print gallery is his first in New York.

    List of Prints

    1. French village no. 1
    2. Nativity
    3. Pilgrimage
    4. Growth
    5. Knights
    6. Northern landscape no. 3
    7. Northern landscape no. 4
    8. Northern landscape no. 5
    9. The Journey
    10. On the beach
    11. The family
    12. The man on the beach
    13. Forms assembling on a table
    14. Monument
    15. Icefloes no. 4
    16. Icefloes no. 5
    17. Icefloes no. 7
    18. Northern island no. 2
    19. Northern island no. 4
    20. Northern island no. 7
    21. Northern island no. 8
    22. Northern island no. 15
    23. Northern island no. 16
    24. My friend
    25. The ascent
    26. Figure
    27. Family about to take off
    28. At the crossroads
    29. Night metamorphosis
    30. Two indians out for a walk

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1942 - 1946. 07-09/1946, 112-3.
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