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American Printmaking, 1913-1947: A Retrospective Exhibition

DATES November 18, 1947 through December 16, 1947
  • November 18, 1947 An important exhibition entitled “American Printmaking, 1913-1947” opens in the Print Galleries on November 18 to be current through December 17. This exhibition of one hundred prints has been selected by JEAN CHARLOT and is sponsored by THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS commemorating this organization’s thirty-three years of active interest in the graphic arts.

    The prints selected by Jean Charlot show with considered emphasis the ideas, developments, trends, the technical skill and experimental efforts that have made the graphic arts a robust, lively and popular part of American art. Beginning with the impact of the Armory Show, the roster of artists is an impressive one. Among the early group are George Bellows, John Marin, John Sloan, “Pop” Hart, Timothy Cole, Glackens and Archipenko. The fifty artists who make up the two decades, 1924-1933 and 1934-1944, are a brilliant group including Arms, Bacon, Cook, Stuart Davis, Dehn, Drewes, Gag, Landacre and Max Weber.

    In the gallery, which shows the work of American printmakers in the last two years, are many well-known artists as well as some new names. Among these appear Grace Albee, Josef Albers, Barnett, Fred Becker, Calder, Charlot, Dali, Max Ernst, Fuller, Hayter, Mangravite, Rattner, Riggs, Schanker, Sternberg and Wengenroth.

    A catalogue with an introduction by Jean Charlot and over forty collotype illustrations will be published in conjunction with the exhibition by The American Institute of Graphic Arts.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1947 - 1952. 10-12/1947, 158.
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