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National Print Exhibition, 17th Biennial

DATES June 01, 1970 through September 01, 1970
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
  • May 4, 1970 Prints with a message will characterize the Seventeenth National Print Biennial Exhibition to open June 2 at The Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn. As in the past, the purpose of the print exhibition is to introduce and encourage new talent. Its primary interest is the artist who does not as yet have a gallery. Admission is free.

    The exhibition, assembled by Miss Jo Miller, Curator of Prints and Drawings for the Museum, will include approximately one-hundred and fifty prints selected with a concern for artists who make graphic statements, rather than accomplished technicians who focus on media.

    In the introduction to the catalog prepared for the show Miss Miller states, "In the 1960’s the print grew to door size and our first look into the 1970's suggests that prints may become not only smaller but more intimate. In many instances, the artists invite you closer to read and contemplate his work. At the beginning of a chaotic decade this message is important and reaffirms our conviction that art is a constructive endeavor ranking high on the list of humane and compassionate activities."

    Artists who will be represented are: Marshall Arisman, Robert Bermelin, John Cage, David Finkbeiner, Al Held, Masuo Ikeda, Robert Indiana, Nicholas Krushenick, Roy Lichtenstein, Byron NcKeeby, Ed O’Connell, Kenneth Price and Edward Ruscha, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Saul Steinberg, Carol Summers and Richard Zeimann.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1953 - 1970. 1970, 006.
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