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John W. Winkler: Drawings, Prints, Boxes

DATES April 21, 1979 through June 10, 1979
COLLECTIONS Contemporary Art
  • April 12, 1979 John W. Winkler: Prints, Drawings and Boxes (1890-1979) is an exhibition on view April 21 through June 10 in the Second Floor Print Galleries at The Brooklyn Museum, Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue. These works by John W. Winkler, master etcher from the West Coast, also include a collection of small wooden boxes he made for use.

    Gene Baro, Consulting Curator of Prints and Drawings, writes, “What remains in the forefront is this artist’s distinct and personal look at life in California’s Bay Area, in Paris or in London. At their best, Winkler’s etchings have a simplicity and immediacy in approach and a clarity of thought that declare the essence of his urban vision.”

    Born in Austria, 1890, John W. Winkler came to the United States and settled in the San Francisco Area in his early years. Fascinated by the city atmosphere of Chinatown, Nob Hill or the warves, and in the 1920’s Paris Rouen or London, he worked directly on his copper plates on location and, never using preliminary sketches or drawings, resolved his ideas entirely on the spot if possible. “This immediate and close interaction between his subject and plate was crucial to his finished image,” says Mr. Baro. “The artist then printed his own work to insure total control of each impression.”

    The forty boxes, footed and with high-domed lids, no larger than a foot square, are decorated with incised, painted motifs reminiscent of the Orient.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1971 - 1988. 1979, 003.
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