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One of a Set of Three Hassocks or Stools (en suite with 85.156.4 Ottoman) Neo-Classical style

Catalogue Description:
Hassock or stool, white pine upholstered in silk, French silk. Cube-shaped wooden stool raised on four brass casters. Each side of the cube is covered with pleated red silk and bordered by woven red tape with pattern of gold rosettes and leaves at top and sides, tape along base is wider with gold rosettes, leaves and anthemion. Center of cushion has fine rosettes in gold and red damask. At each corner is a knot of red and gold silk cord from which originally depended tassels comprising a dome mold covered in red silk with gold trim, and with gold metallic spirals ending in red beads below. Bottom covered in brown cloth. CONDITION: Two tassels missing, one entirely unattached. Those two that remain are much worn with wooden mold clearly visible. Throughout stool the silk is worn. On two sides there is water damage bleeding up from the bottom. On one of these sides the central pleat is torn almost in two. Some significant scuffing to silk on two good sides as well. Some scuffing to silk on cushion top and one threadbare area in corner. Border tape torn at one place on one side near corner. Edges of cushion threadbare. Covering on bottom loose. Overall condition considering age and material is good. Three pieces of trim put with correspondence file.

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