<em>Avalokiteshvara</em>, 9th century. Volcanic stone sculpture, 12 × 11 1/4 × 9 3/4 in., 43 lb. (30.5 × 28.6 × 24.8 cm, 19.5kg). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Georgia and Michael de Havenon, 85.215.4. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 85.215.4_front_PS6.jpg)


Medium: Volcanic stone sculpture

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:9th century

Dimensions: 12 × 11 1/4 × 9 3/4 in., 43 lb. (30.5 × 28.6 × 24.8 cm, 19.5kg)


Museum Location: Asian Galleries, Southwest, 2nd floor


Accession Number: 85.215.4

Image: 85.215.4_front_PS6.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Head and upper torso of a Bodhisattva, Avalokitesvara Padmapani, elaborately coiffed and decorated with a jeweled diadem, pendant earrings, and heavy necklace torque. The figure is haloed and parts of his attributes are shown: the lotus bud (viewer's left) and a fly whisk (viewer's right). The figure's head is turned slightly to the viewer's left and downturned in a contemplative pose. No carving on sides or back of relief. Condition: arrived with its own metal stand. Condition is excellent. Void below shoulders.

Brooklyn Museum