<em>Toilet Dish Held by a Figure of a Woman Floating</em>, ca. 1539–1292 B.C.E. Ivory, 1 1/4 x 5 3/8 in. (3.1 x 13.7 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 37.611E. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 37.611E_front_PS1.jpg)

Toilet Dish Held by a Figure of a Woman Floating

Medium: Ivory

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:ca. 1539–1292 B.C.E.

Dimensions: 1 1/4 x 5 3/8 in. (3.1 x 13.7 cm)


Accession Number: 37.611E

Image: 37.611E_front_PS1.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
An ivory toilet dish in the shape of a floating female. She is nude except for one bracelet on each wrist and two straps (?) which cross between her breasts and on her back. Her arms, outstretched before her, hold a rectangular dish. The top edge of the dish is decorated with eighteen circles. There is no evidence to suggest a lid. Her head is missing. It had been carved of a separate piece of material and a tenon at the neck area which would have been inserted in a square hole which is between the shoulders of the figure. The piece is finely modeled and is naturalistic. The ivory is of a reddish-brown –black color and was caused by burning, most likely intentionally. Condition: The female’s left leg is missing from the knee down. Several chips on the surface the piece. There is an ancient repair of alabaster on the lip of the bowl directly in front of the tenon hole. The head is missing.

Brooklyn Museum