Hopi Pueblo. <em>Kachina Doll (Palhikmana)</em>, late 19th century. Wood, pigment, 13 1/2 in.  (34.3 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Museum Expedition 1904, Museum Collection Fund, 04.297.5535. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 04.297.5535.jpg)

Kachina Doll (Palhikmana)

Artist:Hopi Pueblo

Medium: Wood, pigment

Dates:late 19th century

Dimensions: 13 1/2 in. (34.3 cm)


Accession Number: 04.297.5535

Image: 04.297.5535.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
This Kachina doll is probably Palhikmana based on the shape of the rectangular eyes, headdress and face design. It has a Tihu style body- that is a flat, rectangular form. It is wearing the cloud form headdress. This style of Kachina is usually given to young children during a dance. Palhikmana is a female dancer that appears during the Night Dances as a Polimana or Butterfly Maiden or can appear as a corn grinding maiden. Her role is to dance with a male partner accompanied by songs from the Mudhead. Women who are in the initiation dance for the Marau Society, a women's society, are also called Palhikmana.

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