Catherine Winkler (American, 1906–1989). <em>Predicta Line Pedestal, Model 4654 (Television)</em>, Designed 1958. Plastic, brass, wood, Overall: 44 3/4 x 25 x 21 in. (113.7 x 63.5 x 53.3 cm). Brooklyn Museum, H. Randolph Lever Fund, 1998.44. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 1998.44_transp3221.jpg)

Predicta Line Pedestal, Model 4654 (Television)

Artist:Catherine WinklerSeverin JonnaffenRichard WhipplePhilco Corporation

Medium: Plastic, brass, wood

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:Designed 1958

Dimensions: Overall: 44 3/4 x 25 x 21 in. (113.7 x 63.5 x 53.3 cm) TV Screen: 17 3/4 x 22 1/2 in. (45.1 x 57.2 cm)


Museum Location: Luce Visible Storage and Study Center, 5th Floor


Accession Number: 1998.44

Image: 1998.44_transp3221.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Plastic television set mounted on wooden stand. TV set: rectangular form with curved edges, convex olive-green plastic screen; convex tan plastic backing with protruding oval-shaped cylinder in center; gold colored plastic strip lines joint where screen fits into backing. Tubular brass bracket runs around lower half of TV set along sides and is connected to stand by round brass base; TV swivels from side-to-side on this base. Columnar wooden stand or pedestal is solid U-shape in plan with straight edge at front; top and upper half of front covered with smaller, conforming panel of yellow painted wood; plastic dials on front of panel (large channel dial with numbers 2-13, smaller on/off knob); gold colored plastic band along bottom edge of panel with three small dials for picture quality. Lower front half of stand composed of horizontal wooden slats forming a grill for sound. Thin, horizontal strips cut out of curved back of stand for ventilation; electrical cord and wires protrude from back. Pedestal raised on three wooden feet which extend past stand: crescent-shaped piece under front end forms two feet with rounded ends, third foot with rounded end supports back of pedestal. MODEL: 4654 CONDITION: Fair, shows use. On TV set, all-over light scratches, pockmarks and tarnished spots; dials worn and dirty. Stand and feet with scuffs and scratches, especially along edges.

Brooklyn Museum