Baule. <em>Mask (Kple-Kple)</em>, 19th century. Wood, pigment, 2 1/2 x 9 x 17 in. (6.4 x 22.9 x 43.2 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Museum Expedition 1922, Robert B. Woodward Memorial Fund, 22.223. Creative Commons-BY (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, CUR.22.223_front_PS5.jpg)

Mask (Kple-Kple)


Medium: Wood, pigment

Geograhical Locations:

Dates:19th century

Dimensions: 2 1/2 x 9 x 17 in. (6.4 x 22.9 x 43.2 cm)


Accession Number: 22.223

Image: CUR.22.223_front_PS5.jpg,

Catalogue Description:
Flat circular mask surmounted by 2 in-curved horns. Eyes indicated by protruding knobs, two triangular holes for nostrils and white painted mouth cut for teeth, small beard. Back of mask has separate face area. Condition: Poor, worm-eaten, face part chipped.

Brooklyn Museum