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    Arts of Africa, Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden
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    Arts of Asia and the Islamic World
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On View: Bib Faucet

Charles Graham Works is best known for its industrial stoneware ceramics such as the giant spigot seen here. In the mid-1880s, in order to d...

Hiroshige's One Hundred Famous Views of Edo

Hiroshige's 118 woodblock landscape and genre scenes of mid-nineteenth-century Tokyo, is one of the greatest achievements of Japanese art.

    On View: Lady with an Arrow

    This figure a woman holding an arrow is of a picture type known as an allegory, or symbolic figure. The arrow refers to the fortunes of love...

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    Good Friday Morning: Jesus in Prison (Le matin Vendredi Saint: Jésus en prison)Philip I, the Handsome, Conferring the Order of the Golden Fleece on his Son Charles of Luxembourg  (Philippe Ier le Beau, conférant à son fils Charles de Luxembourg le titre de Chevalier de lOrdre de la Toison dOr)The Man Who Posed as RichelieuAmerica (Snoop Dogg)LucretiaSlit-Drum Hunting Charm (N-kookwa Ngoombu)The Healing of Malchus (La guérison de Malchus)Tantalus Decanter Set: Holder, Two Decanters, Two Caps, Lock, KeyTorah BreastplateTeakettle on Stand with Burner1963-17Beaded NecklaceChain with FiguresEarrings with Composite PendantsBorder Fragment of a Pashmina Carpet with Pattern of Lattice and BlossomsRepaving Clinton Street, BrooklynPlatano PridePendant of an Earring or Conical Shape
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