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Latino List in the App Store

How has your culture shaped your life and accomplishments?

All eyes will be on you this fall when you enter the Great Hall and encounter the twenty-five massive photographic portraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders that…

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1stfans Twitter Art Feed Artist for May 2009: Tracey Moffatt

Did you know that we have 1stfans residing in 17 countries around the world?  Outside of the United States, we have the most 1stfan representation…

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Wrapping Up YouTube Quick Capture for Community Voices

This is a follow-up report to my earlier post about utilizing YouTube Quick Capture to create a community voices component for The Black List Project. …

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Utilizing YouTube Quick Capture for Community Voices

The Black List Project just opened last week and our education staff really wanted to include visitor response as part of the exhibition. Typically, we…

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Different Takes

For the past several months, we’ve been working with filmmaker Matt Wolf on an upcoming video project. The video is in the final stages of…

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Video Competition Lessons Learned

Lessons learned post about the Visitor Video Competition for all the colleagues out there who might be thinking of doing something similar.

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Good Luck!

On the eve of the announcement of our judges’ decision, Brooklyn Museum staff wanted to share some of our own thoughts (ranging from the “I-have-to-smile…

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Video entries are rolling in…

Entries for our Visitor Video Competition are starting to roll in. We’ve created a YouTube playlist which can be seen in this post and we…

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Lights, Camera…..

On another Target First Saturday note, the Visitor Video Competition was shooting and we spotted a bunch of cameras, which was pretty exciting. From what…

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