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Answered questions appear on a second screen near the iPad where questions are asked. This one is installed on a column in our Connecting Cultures exhibition.

Configuring the All-in-One Windows 8 PC into a Gallery Kiosk

In getting our ASK iPad pilot into full swing for Bloomberg Connects we needed to nail down how we were going to present the answers…

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Observation showed us that visitors often use the kiosks in social groups.

Metrics Tell (Part of) the Story

As Shelley mentioned in her previous post, we’ve tweaked our comment kiosks over the past year or so, shifting them to an ask functionality only…

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In our latest pilot, the same ipads have a re-branded start screen to match our ASK program for Bloomberg Connects.

Piloting the Complexities of Migrating iPad Kiosks into ASK

Brian and Jennie have been talking about our forthcoming mobile application, which is one of the public facing components of our Bloomberg Connects project, but…

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In Conversation iPad Kiosk

Moving Toward a Conversation

If you’ve ever heard me speak at conferences you know that one of our most successful technology projects is also one of our simplest—the comment…

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BklynMuse: Going Mobile with a Gallery Guide Powered by People

Ever wish you could remix the gallery experience?  When I walk into a museum I enjoy the structure—the information given, which objects have been placed…

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Kiosks in Museums: Win, Lose or Draw?

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed the issue of technology in museums and asked if tech engages or distracts.  The post mainly served to…

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Wrapping Up YouTube Quick Capture for Community Voices

This is a follow-up report to my earlier post about utilizing YouTube Quick Capture to create a community voices component for The Black List Project. …

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Utilizing YouTube Quick Capture for Community Voices

The Black List Project just opened last week and our education staff really wanted to include visitor response as part of the exhibition. Typically, we…

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iPod Touch for use in the Gallery

So, the idea was pretty simple: the curators of Burning Down the House: Building a Feminist Art Collection wanted our visitors to hear directly from…

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Video Competition Lessons Learned

Lessons learned post about the Visitor Video Competition for all the colleagues out there who might be thinking of doing something similar.

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Let’s Hear It: Part II

Just what are “interpretive materials”? I’m often asked this question and usually have a hard time reducing my answer to one or even five things,…

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Let’s hear it…

Screenshot from the Infinite Island comment kiosks. In preparation for the opening of Infinite Island this Friday, we’ve just finished installing our comment kiosks. For…

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Kiosk Hardware

Kiosk with custom casing installed in Luce Visible Storage. Over the past several months, colleagues have been asking what kind of hardware is in use…

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Open Kiosk: Firefox 2 Version Now Available

If you’ve ever had to install a kiosk in a public place, you probably know how frustrating it can be. The interface has to be…

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