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Cards feature a detail of William Merritt Chase’s portrait of Lydia Field Emmett, with instructions.

Trends Across Time: An ASK Fashion Tour

As a follow-up to our ASK-guided gallery tours for Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving and Pride Month, the ASK team has created a new…

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Our collection of decks span a variety of subjects. While some, like "Jewish Ritual Objects" are object focused, others capitalize on small details, like hieroglyphs or hand gestures, to broaden the thematic scope.

Tiny Cards, Big Fun: What Impact?

In 2017 we partnered with educational start-up Duolingo and their new digital platform, Tinycards, to produce fun and educational art history flashcard decks. 2 years,…

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The card featured a detail of a work by Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski, on view in the exhibition "Nobody Promised You Tomorrow."

Showing Our Pride: A New Themed ASK Tour

“Celebrate Pride Month! Our team of friendly experts guide you on a tour of LGBTQ+ artists and themes throughout the Museum via text message, chatting…

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ASK beauty shot_smaller

Visitor Study: ASK Brooklyn Museum

The second evaluation completed by Pratt grad students last semester examined the ways visitors were using ASK. Partially inspired by wanting to know if people were participating…

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The “no photography” policy within the exhibition meant that visitors were looking for another way to remember their favorite works in the show. (Photo: Jonathan Dorado)

Everyone Wants To Take Frida Home: ASK and Frida Kahlo

Our exhibition Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving closed on May 12 and we’re taking a moment to review our ASK engagement for this show….

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Searching by text via the chat search function was often the best way to find the ASK labels.The search text is even highlighted in the results making it even easier to do a quick scan for information.

Labels Provide an Entry Point for ASK (We Think)

In my last post I detailed how I knitted together thematic connections across different collections and what effect in-gallery labels have on object engagement, but…

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The prompt for this ASK label reads: Curious about how turquoise was used in Tibetan medicine? Download our app to ask an expert.

What encourages people to ASK about certain objects?

While I wanted to learn more about visitors complete interactions through the app, without the ability to systematically dive into chats, I chose to focus…

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The coding system of themes, definitions, and collection areas. Note ECANEA stands for Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Art.

What kinds of questions do users ASK us about art?

I ended my last post with a brief exploration of what people are asking about via ASK. I was particularly interested in going beyond the…

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The four palm cards for our post-exhibition ASK experience offered a choice of four Kahlo images.

Not just for “Appearances” sake: ASK and Frida Kahlo

Our major exhibition for this spring, Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving, has been very well-attended and well-received so far. It has also posed unique…

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User Personas for Blog

Initial Insights from ASK Data

During my first semester as the Pratt Visitor Experience & Engagement fellow I was able to learn a significant amount about ASK user behavior—despite limitations…

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Basic data viz allows us to see overall trends for further exploration, even if the data can't be updated in real time.

Mining Data With Limited Tools

In my last post, I laid out some of the challenges working with the current metrics dashboard and the data exporting process for ASK. Despite…

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During snippet creation, the team creates question and answer pairs and tags the snippet with accession numbers and key words.

Diving into ASK Data

As the Pratt Visitor Experience & Engagement Fellow, I was tasked with conducting a deep dive into ASK-related data. There are several research questions that…

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The waiting area for the exhibition was never this empty.

Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes: ASK and “David Bowie is”

From March through July 2018, the Brooklyn Museum was the home of the multimedia exhibition David Bowie is. It was the twelfth and final stop…

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The ASK Ambassadors wear branded t-shirts and hats (hats optional).

We’ve been silent, but we’ve been busy

I will admit, I’m a little embarrassed that it’s been more than a year since our last post. Rest assured, while we may have been…

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The ASK dashboard tracks certain metrics already, but we have yet to delve into the 11,000 chats we've had with users.

It’s Not About “More” Anymore

For the majority of this project, we have been fixated on use rate. After all, it’s easy to track and is a very clear measurement…

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Several children of staff members took time from a summer afternoon to test an early version of our “Soulful Creatures” hunt in the Egyptian galleries.

ASK and Young Museum Visitors: On the Hunt

Sometimes we plan and execute ASK-related projects on a long timeline, but occasionally a project will happen organically and almost take us by surprise. Using…

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Our texting palm card included the phone number as well as "helpful hints" on what kinds of things to text. Unlike the app (which is geo-fenced), in theory you can text us anytime, but we won't answer outside of Museum hours. The system will autofire the same "out of office" notification" app users also get.

Pilot 3: Texting

Last week we wrapped up our final planned pilot project to help determine the direction for ASK 2.0.  Another somewhat obvious solution to the challenge…

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Our wiley ASK Ambassadors snapped two quick photos of visitor interactions during this pilot. On the right, Isabella speaks with a visitor in the O'Keeffe exhibition. On the left, Rachel speaks with visitors in "We Wanted a Revolution."

Pilot 2: ASK on Demand

As promised, this week’s post is on our second pilot in search of our direction for ASK 2.0. For the first pilot, we provided devices…

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Seems fitting to return to iPod touches for this pilot since that's what we used for our pilot that ultimately led us to create ASK. Here we set them up with lanyards and protective cases. We enabled "guided access mode" to lock them down on the app only.

ASK 2.0: Providing Devices? Maybe.

As I prefaced in my post last week, while ASK has been successful from an engagement standpoint, we are stalled at between 1-2% use rate….

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Our ASK Ambassador floor captain, Alex, loves pitching to crowds in the elevator lobby.

Dedicated Staff Help…But It’s Not Enough

Radio silence from us usually means we’re up to something and this time is no different. Since our last post in May, we’ve been looking…

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A running character count in the bottom left of the text field helps team members keep responses short.

Timing is Everything

One of the things we learned from ERm’s evaluation was that ASK users really appreciate when the responses to their questions are well timed (i.e….

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One of the metrics we can pull from the dashboard is the average number of “beacon groups” from which a conversation takes place and is an indication of how much a user is exploring the Museum. Here you can see the conversation from the top “explorer” during this particular time period used 21 beacon groups over 2 hours.

Shifting Traffic Patterns

Early on in the course of ASK, Shelley and I noticed some really interesting patterns related to where people tended to use the app. While…

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Colleagues who tested the tour concept with us, fill out a survey after their experience. A big take-away was the need to give visitors a certain amount of control over their experience (e.g. in selecting the works to visit), while also providing enough structure to the content with each work so visitors felt appropriately “guided.”

ASK App + Group Tours: Shaping the Visitor Experience

In my last post I wrote about our process for deciding which collection highlights to include in ASK’s new self-guided tour, titled Highlights and Hidden Gems….

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Bigger boosk for blog

ASK App + Group Tours: Making Hard Choices

Earlier this week, Sara introduced the topic of ASK’s new collaboration with our Group Tours office and our efforts to shape the content of our…

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We hope our partnership with Tiny Cards will allow us to reach new audiences.

Tiny Cards, Big Fun

Since time immemorial, nerds have been listing things and memorizing them for fun. 2,000 years ago, the Roman writer Pliny the Elder published his Natural…

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For now, we're going to release a single purpose ASK app and tie the pre-visit information into a later release after our website migration.

Scaling Back

In every project there’s always a moment where the timeline starts to shrink. You start to look at your launch date and the to do list (ours is…

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Home screen of the upcoming Brooklyn Museum App. Geofencing displays different information based on your proximity to our building.

Inside Out

The most passionate debates in our office have centered around how we are using geofencing in our upcoming app to present different information to users dependent upon…

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A tester during our last testing session. Engagement through the app encourages closer looking.

Who are we looking for in an Audience Engagement Team?

I’ve just joined the Bloomberg Connects project as the Audience Engagement Lead. I will be heading the team that will be answering inquiries from visitors…

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Our stock of iPod Touch devices ready to go for user testing.

Challenges using the iPod Touch for a Mobile Testing Environment

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed the results of our initial user testing. In this blog post we’ll talk about the process and challenges of getting…

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Our web team on the ASK dashboard while one of our test participants testing the app observes "Trade Sign (Boy Riding Bicycle)"

User Testing ASK with our Members

Earlier this week I covered how we have been testing the ASK app internally. Today I am going to talk about how we user tested…

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James, our back-end web developer role-playing as visitor and testing the ASK mobile app.

Preparing for User Testing

I was very excited by the prospect of user testing in the field when I started working on the Bloomberg Connects project. As a web…

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Selecting ASK from the mobile home screen gives the user two views depending on where they are standing. Outside the museum, they see a call-to-action to come in and use ASK, which will be activated based on their geolocation. Once inside the museum, the feature is active and ready to use.

The Design Spin Cycle

When I started as Web Designer for the museum in January, I assumed I had been hired for a website redesign. Rookie mistake. As you’ve…

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estimote beacons

Positioning Visitors with iBeacons

When Apple released iOS7 in 2013 one of the new features introduced was iBeacon. This technology would now enable Apple devices to pick up broadcasting…

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Our start screen begins with an onboarding processes designed to be conversational.

Simply ASK

In previous Bloomberg Connects blog posts we’ve described the iterative process of determining how we can engage the visitor, enhancing their museum experience. The ASK app (our…

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The data we gather at each step informs the next one. Simple, right? [

Going Responsive with Agile Planning

“Three Simple Truths” from The Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmussen: 1. It is impossible to gather all the requirements at the beginning of a project….

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In order to test quickly, we used off the self hardware in the form of iPod Touches, iPads, and iMessage.

Leveraging Technology for Connection

As Sara mentioned in her previous posts, we’ve been careful in this project to let visitor need pave the way toward an idea. It was…

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Staff were stationed throughout the permanent collection to determine what type of guidance visitors were seeking.

Piloting a Future Visitor Experience

A series of internal meetings got us set on the path for this project, but we wanted to test it with our visitors. To do…

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Meetings with staff from across departments helped gather ideas that would later be tested with visitors.

Taking Assumptions with a Grain of Salt

As Shelley introduced in her last post, we have the very ambitious goal of overhauling our visitor experience through an initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies…

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Everyone streaming through our doors has unique needs. How can we serve them better?

Visitor Powered Technology to Create a Responsive Museum

We are incredibly excited that Bloomberg Philanthropies has funded a three-year initiative as part of Bloomberg Connects and it gives us the opportunity to significantly improve…

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Senwosret III

Vetting Wikipedia for WikiLink

In Shelley’s previous post, she announced the installation of QR codes installed in exhibitions that lead visitors to Wikipedia articles for further information. These QR…

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WikiLink (QR Redux)

You may remember my blog post a while back, QR in the New Year?  In it, I talked about our QR code testing and reported…

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QR Signage

QR in the New Year?

A while back, I reported that we were in the process of a trial period with QR codes.  We’ve just taken a look at the…

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QR Codes on TSA Signs

QR Code Conundrum

I’ve long been a critic of QR Codes.  When I look around, I see low adoption rates, technical hurdles for end users and some really…

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App Store Confusion Necessitates API Changes

The museum is well represented in the Apple App Store with not one, but two applications. The first was released in May 2009 by Adam…

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A Response to Rothstein’s “From Picassos to Sarcophagi, Guided Along by Phone Apps”

Many of you may have seen Edward Rothstein’s assessment of mobile technology in museums, but if you haven’t it is certainly worth a read and…

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Brooklyn Museum Mobile Web on iPhone and Droid

Today we are releasing apps for both iPhone and Droid that, simply, wrap our mobile website.  If we have a mobile website, you may be…

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Mobile Meetup at Target First Saturday

As I mentioned last week, we’re hosting an informal meetup to celebrate the launch of the mobile website and Gallery Tag!  If you are coming…

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Gallery Tag!

As I mentioned yesterday, the creation of a mobile website allows us to grow, so today we are taking advantage of that by introducing a…

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Mobile Web

Today we are releasing a mobile version of our website and are happily following in the footsteps of our colleagues at the Powerhouse Museum and…

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BklynMuse: failing fast, retooling faster = version 2

This year, I had the privilege of speaking at Webstock and one of the things I learned from listening to the other speakers was the…

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Calling the Mayor…

If you’re our mayor on Foursquare, we’ve got a promo running that you should check out.  Not the mayor?  Be sure to check-in at the…

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BklynMuse: Going Mobile with a Gallery Guide Powered by People

Ever wish you could remix the gallery experience?  When I walk into a museum I enjoy the structure—the information given, which objects have been placed…

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