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Sydney Stewart is the 2018/19 Pratt Visitor Experience & Engagement Fellow at the Brooklyn Museum. She is currently pursuing her M.S. in Museums & Digital Culture from Pratt’s School of Information and has previous experience in collections management, exhibitions, visitor research and digital media. Her primary interests are in creating and evaluating the ways visitors can digitally interact with museum collections. Sydney’s current research focus is analyzing user data from ASK Brooklyn Museum.

Searching by text via the chat search function was often the best way to find the ASK labels.The search text is even highlighted in the results making it even easier to do a quick scan for information.

Labels Provide an Entry Point for ASK (We Think)

In my last post I detailed how I knitted together thematic connections across different collections and what effect in-gallery labels have on object engagement, but…

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The prompt for this ASK label reads: Curious about how turquoise was used in Tibetan medicine? Download our app to ask an expert.

What encourages people to ASK about certain objects?

While I wanted to learn more about visitors complete interactions through the app, without the ability to systematically dive into chats, I chose to focus…

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The coding system of themes, definitions, and collection areas. Note ECANEA stands for Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Art.

What kinds of questions do users ASK us about art?

I ended my last post with a brief exploration of what people are asking about via ASK. I was particularly interested in going beyond the…

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User Personas for Blog

Initial Insights from ASK Data

During my first semester as the Pratt Visitor Experience & Engagement fellow I was able to learn a significant amount about ASK user behavior—despite limitations…

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Basic data viz allows us to see overall trends for further exploration, even if the data can't be updated in real time.

Mining Data With Limited Tools

In my last post, I laid out some of the challenges working with the current metrics dashboard and the data exporting process for ASK. Despite…

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During snippet creation, the team creates question and answer pairs and tags the snippet with accession numbers and key words.

Diving into ASK Data

As the Pratt Visitor Experience & Engagement Fellow, I was tasked with conducting a deep dive into ASK-related data. There are several research questions that…

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