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Labels Do Heavy Lifting for ASK

As part of our original messaging with soft launch, we deployed gallery labels advertising the app. This first round included questions that we hoped would…

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Smartglass case

Advances in Exhibition Casework

In my last post, I discussed the wall murals and the state-of-the-art photo enlargements in Connecting Cultures. Today, I’d like to talk about a few…

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Egyptian Eye

The Big Picture(s)

As Kevin mentioned in his last post, Connecting Cultures is presented in thematic sections: Places, People, and Things, in addition to an Introductory Center. Since…

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Red Escape II

African Innovations Now Open!

After many months of object review, checklist creation, cross-departmental consultation, budgeting, conservation, design, research, writing, photography, editing, construction, painting, installation, and lighting, I am pleased…

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Case Layout

Installation in Progress

One of the many adaptations that moving the African collection into the South Gallery on the First Floor has required has been adjusting to a…

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Situ Studio installs reOrder in the Great Hall

reOrder: Breaking Ground

Some may have seen my post in December about my visit to a drafty construction site in Manhattan to view Situ Studio’s full-scale mock up…

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Early Installation Drawing

reOrder Takes Shape

As many may know Situ Studio, a Brooklyn based architectural and fabrication firm, has been preparing for their installation reORDER, which will be presented here…

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Gearing up to install Who Shot Rock

Since early 2007, I’ve been working with the noted photo historian Gail Buckland to create Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic…

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Luce Center: Timex Night-Glo on Steroids

Last week we received a query via Twitter asking how we did the lighting in the Luce Visible Storage ▪ Study Center. This was a…

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Share your Michael Jackson Story

Thursday afternoon, around noon, I was doing an advance press interview with Modern Painter magazine about the exhibition Who Shot Rock & Roll, which opens…

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Please sit down

You’ve been walking around a museum for several hours looking at hundreds of artworks, and want to take a break and sit for a minute….

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Preparing to Click!

With the opening of Click! rapidly approaching, I have been asked to describe my approach in designing and mounting this particular exhibition. It is important…

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Who Shot Rock will ROCK

On October 23, 2009, we’re launching a major exhibition, Who Shot Rock: Photographers of Rock and Roll. Who Shot Rock will be guest curated by…

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Painter Marie Roberts Riffs on Egyptian Sculpture

From Winter to Summer 2008, the Museum’s longterm installation in the 3rd floor Beaux Arts court ambulatory, About Time: 700 Years of European Painting will…

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How do you light Light?

A major factor influencing Brushed with Light‘s design was due to the delicate nature of watercolors themselves. Because the works are light sensitive it is…

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