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Lisa Bruno is the head conservator of objects at the Brooklyn Museum, where she has been working since 1993. She has previously worked at the Art Institute of Chicago, and has had internships at The Cleveland Museum of Art, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and in private practice. She has a Masters Degree in Art Conservation from the University of Delaware, Winterthur Museum Art Conservation Department. She is a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation.

Mary Lucier

Playing House: Working with Artists

In the exhibition Playing House four artists, Betty Woodman, Ann Chu, Ann Agee and Mary Lucier, install their own artwork into and around several period rooms…

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Quake map

We felt the earth move under our feet

Yes folks. The quake was felt here at the Brooklyn Museum. Unlike our colleagues in California, Tennessee and even Indianapolis, we Brooklynites do not live…

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Falcon X-ray

Animal Mummies – X-radiography, and coming soon – CT scans!

These past few weeks we have been steadily packing and preparing to transport a group of animal mummies to the Animal Medical Center (AMC) for…

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Blackfeet Tipi tripod

So How Do You Set Up a Tipi?

That’s exactly the question we were asking ourselves when Nancy Rosoff and Susan Kennedy Zeller organizing Curators for Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains put…

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Cents Sign Travelling from Broadway to Africa via Guadeloupe

Cents Sign Traveling From Broadway to Africa via Guadeloupe

When I first saw Chryssa’s neon sculpture in storage in late 2004, the object was in an unexhibitable state, missing the two end pieces of the…

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Birdmaster Tames the Lion

To those of you who are regular readers to this blog, you may remember my colleague, Jakki Godfrey’s post from May 27 detailing the deinstallation…

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Animal Mummy Update

Those of you who are 1stfans got an introduction to the animal mummy research project being done at the Museum when we held an informal…

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The Installation of Reception

Through the generosity of Beth Rudin DeWoody, the Museum recently acquired a multiple component installation piece made by the artist Vadis Turner, which will be…

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Mummy Transport

As some of you may have seen from the recent press coverage, we took four of our Egyptian human mummies to North Shore University Hospital…

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Thothirdes may be familiar to those of you who have seen her on display in the 3rd floor Egyptian Galleries.  She was deinstalled and brought…

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More on mummies…

In addition to continuing to x-ray the animal mummies,  the Conservation Lab has started preparing to send several human mummies to North Shore University Hospital….

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Animal Mummy Research

This past Saturday as part of programming for 1stfans at the Brooklyn Museum, I gave a presentation on the animal mummy research the Conservation Department…

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Schenck Re-Installation 2007

Slideshow created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Having trouble seeing the slideshow? Photos are also on Flickr. These slides show the Jan Martense Schenck House as it…

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What does it take to install the Period Rooms?

Q: What does it take to install the Period Rooms? A: A whole lot of people! In future posts, we’ll describe how the Schenck House…

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Why did we paint the Schenck House red?

The Jan Martense Schenck House is scheduled to re-open to the public in July. It has moved from its original location on the 4th floor…

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