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International Photographers

DATES March 08, 1932 through March 31, 1932
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  • February 28, 1932 The Brooklyn Museum announces an exhibition of Modern Photography to open March 8 and to continue through March 31. The exhibitors are the leading masters in their field of various countries and have been invited by the Museum to show examples of special interest. The exhibitors include the most important photographers of America, Germany, England, France, Mexico and Italy. The exhibition has been assembled by Josiah P. Marvel. The March 20 lecture in the Museum’s Sunday course will be devoted to the subject of photography. Dr. Agha, Art Director of the Condé Nast Publications will speak on the subject “Photography as Art”. Concurrent with above exhibition will be shown the Forty-second Annual Exhibition of the Photography Department of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 01-06_1932, 019.
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  • March 4, 1932 An exhibition of photography will be presented in the Print Gallery of the Brooklyn Museum from March 8 through March 31. In the first gallery the Photographic Department of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences will present its Forty-second Annual Exhibition. Out of 188 prints submitted to the jury of selection only 88 were chosen for exhibition, representing the cream of the work by this group of strictly amateur photographers. The jury of selection was composed of Miss Elisabeth Luther Cary, Rosabelle MacDonald, artist, William Elbert Macnaughton, pictorial photographer, Marcel Maurel, portrait etcher, and H. I. Williams, photographic illustrator. Officers of the department are: President, Henry D. Scribner, Vice-President Samuel Ward, Treasurer Edward D. Mudge, Librarian Harold Swahn, Curator of Prints Walter E. Owen.

    Although this is the forty-second yearly exhibition of the department, their organization was preceded by an even older group known as the Brooklyn Academy of Photographers, one of the first groups of its kind in the United States and older by some years than any other similar organization in New York City. None of the exhibitors in the department show are professionals, and all the work is executed in spare time from the business pursuits in which most of the members are engaged. There are over 700 members of this department of the Institute, of which 75 are creative photographers, classed as studio workers. Though many of these workers have their own studios the Institute maintains a darkroom and developing studio in the Academy Building.

    In the second gallery of the exhibition will be shown a group of International Photographers. These photographs have been assembled by the Museum and it is the first exhibition of international photography held at a public museum in this city. Prints will be shown by leading artist of Italy, Germany, France, Mexico and the United States. Among the exhibitors are, United States-Margaret Bourke-White, Douglas Robbins, Charles Sheeler, Edward Weston, Imogene Cunningham, George Lynes, Walker Evans: France--André Kurtz, Man Ray, Sougez: Germany--Hege Umbo, Ilsebeng, Maholy-Nagy; Mexico--Jaimez: ItaIy--Tina. Moddoli: England--Cecil Beaton.

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1931 - 1936. 01-06_1932, 020.
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