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Scandinavian Posters

DATES May 01, 1930 through 1930 (date unknown)
ORGANIZING DEPARTMENT European Painting and Sculpture
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  • May 4, 1930 Posters from the Chicago 1933 World's Fair Competition and a group of nearly a hundred Scandinavian posters will fill the two large Print Galleries at the Brooklyn Museum tomorrow (May 5th) and will be on view until May 31st.

    There will be 62 Worlds Fair posters selected from the several hundred submitted in the 1929 competition including the five prize winners. The Scandinavian group was organized by Mr. Orson Lowell of New York at the instigation of the late Henry L. Sparks, well-known poster collector of Brooklyn.

    The World's Fair Competition was international so that the exhibition includes the work of American, British, French, German and Austrian artists, many of them famous in their field. The competition was organized by the Chicago Art Institute which is headed by Robert B. Harshe who is also chairman of the Art Committee of the World's Fair Exhibition. This show is on tour and has already been at Baltimore and Cornell University.

    The competition had a distinguished jury consisting of Vice President Dawes, Lorado Taft (whose place had to be taken by Philip L. Goodwin, the New York architect), Jules Guérin, Eugene Savage, and Dr. Harshe. Three of the four prizes were awarded to Chicago artists, two of them former Navy men and the third an ex-Army veteran. The later is William P. Welsh who won first prize of $1500. and the third prize of $250. The other two Chicago men are Fred L. Good who took the second prize of $500. and Ignatz Sahula, winner of the fifth prize of $100. The fourth prize of $150. went to a foreigner, the widely known André Wilquin of Malakoff-Seine, France. Four honorable mentions were awarded, two to Frenchman and two to Americans, Roger Vacher, Jean d'Ylen, G. Bradford Ashworth and Adolph Treidler.

    Mr. Orson Lowell, who organized the group of 96 Scandinavian posters, was materially assisted by Mr. Bror Zachrisson, a young printer from the Wezata Printing Establishment of Gothemburg, Sweden, who was in this country recently studying American printing lithographing methods. Two others who made the exhibition possible were Dr. Kumlien of the Royal Academy of Sweden, and Mr. Ungwitter, a poster collector.

    The exhibition consists of posters of the Norwegian State Railway, the Swedish State Railway and the Scandinavian Tourist Bureau as well as a great many pieces advertising theatres, flower shops, fish markets, and so forth. Those not devoted to travel have more a native flavor than the others which were somewhat modeled on continental precedents.

    Scandinavian countries entered the poster field only about fifteen years ago so that when they began most of their printing was done abroad. The exhibition shows how well they have progressed as it demonstrates several phases of their development.


    1. M.L. Blumenthal (American)
    2. Bynum Booram (American)
    3. Arthur T. Brown (American)
    4. Clifford Crawford (American)
    5. Arthur Crisp (American)
    6. Helen Dryden (American)
    7. Charles B. Falls (American
    (Best Poster for Advertising)
    8. Max Feldman (American)
    9. Max Feldman (American)
    10. Max Feldman (American)
    11. Louish Fancher (American)
    12. Frederick Godd (American)
    13. Maurice Greenberg (American)
    14. Paul M. Gustin (American)
    15. Paul M. Gustin (American)
    16. Fred Good (American)
    17. Wallace Harrison (American)
    18. Kenneth Hartwell (American)
    19. Lieut. Albert Lang (American)
    20. George F. Lindenstruth (American)
    21. Corinna M. Luria (American)
    22. Jesse Harrison Mason (American)
    23. G. Bradford Ashworth (American)
    (Honorable Mention)
    24. Charles Morgan (American)
    25. Benjamin Frankin Olson (American)
    26. Herbert Paus (American)
    27. Joseph Popelka (American)
    28. Vojtech Preissig (American)
    29. Leo Rackow (American)
    30. William Roscow (American)
    31. Wolff Rothband (American)
    32. Ignatz Sahula (American)
    (5th Prize $100)
    33. Otto Schmidt (American)
    34. John E. Sheriden (American)
    35. Henry J. Stahlhut (American)
    36. Edwin Tunis (American)
    37. Adolph Treidler (American)
    (Honorable Mention)
    38. E. Pierre Wainwright (American)
    39. Florence Wood (American)
    40. William Welsh (American)
    (1st Prize $1500)
    41. William Welsh (American)
    (3rd Prize $250)
    42. Leslie Dugdale (British)
    43. Spencer Pryse (British)
    44. Horace Taylor (British)
    45. Paul Berthier (French)
    46. T.R. Buisson (French)
    47. Jules Courvoisier (French)
    48. Falter-Douanes (French)
    49. Jacques H. Lambert (French)
    50. Roger Vacher (French)
    (Honorable Mention)
    51. André Wilquin (French)
    (Popular Vote Prize)
    52. André Wilquin (French)
    (Popular Vote Prize)
    53. Jean d'Ylen (French)
    (Honorable Mention)
    54. Joseph Binder (Austrian)
    55. George Germoth (German)
    56. George Germoth (German)
    57. Franz P. Glass (German)
    58. Ludwig Hohlwein (German)
    59. Ludwig Hohlwein (German)
    60. Joseph Klinger (Austrian)
    61. Joseph Binder (Austrian)
    J. M. Mitchell (American)

    Brooklyn Museum Archives. Records of the Department of Public Information. Press releases, 1916 - 1930. 04-06_1930, 082-6.
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