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Sketchbook, English and French Landscape and Coastal Subjects

William Trost Richards

American Art

In June 1880, before returning to Newport, Richards made a brief expedition to France. His sketchbook records his impressions while traveling, including this charming study of a picturesque French doorway made, perhaps, at Saint-Cloud, or in Paris.
MEDIUM Graphite on paper
DATES 1880
DIMENSIONS 3 15/16 x 6 7/8 in. (10 x 17.5 cm)  (show scale)
SIGNATURE See description
INSCRIPTIONS See description
CREDIT LINE Gift of Edith Ballinger Price
CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION Sketchbook of 86 pages containing landscapes and seascapes in England and France, and studies of boats. Cardboard cover severely damaged. p1 Small sketch of boat, other scribbles in ink and graphite p1verso light sketches of boat sails p2 boats p3 upside down, Harbor scene with boats, and buildings on shore. p4 boats p4verso boats p5 boats p5verso boats p6 boats p6verso boats p7 harbor scene, boats with buildings on shore in background. p7verso View of shore: boats, buildings and trees on shore. Inscribed at center "Near Gravesend / Thames." p8 Boats p8verso boats p9 scribbles, possibly boat sails p9verso boats p10 boats p10verso Three scenes: seascape; seascape with boat; three boats p11 boats p12 Three scenes: Seascape with boat in distance; Seascape; Boat p12verso boats p13 Sketch of boat, seascape. Inscribed at right (below seascape image), "on the [skull?] June 7' 80" p13verso Loosely sketched forest interior p14 blank p15 boats p15verso harbor scene, boats in foreground, cityscape in background. Inscribed lower left, "[Ant...?] June 7' 80" p16 blank p17 Scene on waters edge with trees lining water. Boats and figures on water p18 View of river with trees on either side, building and bridge in background p19 scene on the river p19verso scene on the river p20 scene on the river; sketch of church steeple at top of page. Inscribed lower center/right, "St [Cloud?] p21 River scene, boats in foreground, town in background including church steeple. Inscribed at lower center "St Cloud" p22 River scene p23 Small river scene at far right of page p24 Town scene, or view of an estate garden with town/buildings in background. p25 Beautiful sketch of city street, with entrance to cathedral at right. p26 Sketch of building entranceway/front steps p27 blank p28 blank p28verso, small sketch of roof p29 Scene of docked boats and buildings/city street in background p29verso small sketch of building on shore p30 harbor scene, two boats, inscribed at upper right, "[S......?] June 24' 80" p31 single line, unknown subject p32 rocks in water, possibly loosely sketched figures p33 Hills leading to shoreline p34 Hill with coastline in background. Inscribed lower center, "The [downs?] Isle of Wight / June 25 1880" p35 Light sketch of coastal cliffs p36 Coastal cliffs. Inscribed lower right, "[alumboy?] June 25 1880" p37 oriented vertically, Coastal cliffs p38 Coastal cliffs, birds p39 unknown subject p40 Coastal cliffs, cave, some boats on water. Inscribed lower right, "[Savatory?] Bay" p41 Coastal cliff p42 Coastal cliffs p43 Light sketch of coastal cliffs, possibly a boat in foreground p44 Coastal cliffs, town on shoreline. Inscribed lower right, "[Shawklii?]" p45 town on coast, inscribed lower right, "[Shawklii chime?]" p56 Town on coast, inscribed lower center/right, "Beade [al' Shawklii?] / I. of W. [Isle of Wight]" p47 small sketch at far right of coast p48 panoramic landscape with castle in background. Inscribed lower right, "[cornbrooke?] Castle." p49 Forest interior. Inscribed lower right, "June 29' 1880" p50 Forest interior, seated man reading. p50verso loose study of chickens p51 Field with animals and figures, house in background, surrounded by trees. p52 Forest interior, house in background p53 Forest and fields, figures at left? p54 Loose sketch of field, trees in background p55 blank p56 Two sketches, both forest interiors p57 Trees and field, fence p58 blank p59 architectural study p60 Field and trees p61 [Page Excised, inserted here] oriented vertically, forest interior p62 Loose sketch, scribbled, of trees p63 Panorama of field with figure, trees and buildings, town in background, coastline. p64 small sketch of landscape at far right, continuation from previous page p64verso-p65 panoramic landscape of field, trees, coastline p66 scribbles p67 forest p68 Loose sketch of hills leading to shoreline p69 coastal scene p69verso, study of sky? p70 blank p70verso Coastal scene, boats p71 water at lower left, continuation of p70verso p72 sky study p73 sky study p74 study of figures p75 study of plants/branches/flowers p76 Street scene with homes and cathedral and figures. Inscribed lower left, "[Freshwater district?] / Sept 18' 1880" p77-80 blank p81 landscape, field/hill and trees p82 loosely sketched landscape p83-85 blank p86 Partially torn, coastal scene
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CAPTION William Trost Richards (American, 1833–1905). Sketchbook, English and French Landscape and Coastal Subjects, 1880. Graphite on paper, 3 15/16 x 6 7/8 in. (10 x 17.5 cm). Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Edith Ballinger Price, 75.15.15 (Photo: Brooklyn Museum, 75.15.15.jpg)
IMAGE overall, 75.15.15.jpg. Brooklyn Museum photograph, 2004
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