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Elizabeth A.Sackler Center for Feminist Art

Acknowledgement Panels

Judy Chicago began The Dinner Party alone. After months of work, her concept had evolved to the stage where it required the assistance of other people. Gradually, a studio team was built, and over the course of the next few years, hundreds of volunteers helped the core staff of The Dinner Party studio to realize Chicago's vision. They brought a variety of skills to the project including ceramics, needlework, fabrication, graphics, photography, and research, and worked together under Chicago's guidance to complete the piece. The three mural-sized (94 3/4 x 48 1/4 x 1” each) Acknowledgement Panels are a visual record crediting the collaborators for their commitment.

The Acknowledgment Panels depict the 129 members of the creative and administrative team with black-and-white photographs. Included in the panels are each participant's name, occupation, residence, specific role and length of involvement in the project. The last panel lists the names of an additional 295 individuals and organizations not part of the studio team, who also made significant contributions.

While these panels are not included in the Brooklyn Museum installation, they are preserved at the Museum and presented here to recognize the multiple contributions that were made during the creation of this monumental work.

Judy Chicago writes of the experience: “The studio gradually became a structure of self-sufficient groups working under my guidance while also building teamwork through shared responsibility and honest dialogue”

The Dinner Party Studio Team (as they appear on the Acknowledgement Panels):

Daphne Ahlenius
Marilyn Akers
Pat Akers
Katie Amend
Marilyn Anderson
Ruth Askey
Cynthia Betty
Marjorie Biggs
Judy Blankman
Terry Blecher
Sharon Bonnell
Susan Brenner
Thelma Brenner
Julie Brown
Frances Budden
Peter Bunzick
Susan Chaires
Pamela Checkie
Aldeth Spence Christy
Marguerite Clair
May Cohen (Judy Chicago's mother)
Audrey Cowan
Joyce Cowan
Ruth Crane
Laura Dahlkamp
Lynn Dale
Holly Davis
Michelle Davis
Sandi Dawson
Ellen Dinerman
Jan Marie DuBois
Elizabeth Eakins
Laura Elkins
Marny Elliot
Kathy Erteman
Faye Evans
Peter Fieweger
Marianne Fowler
Cherié Frainé
Libby Frost
JoAnn Garcia
Diane Gelon
Ken Gilliam
Dorothy Goodwill Winifred Grant
Estelle Greenblatt
Amanda Haas
Jan Hanson
Judy Hartle
Arla Hesterman
Robin Hill
Susan Hill
Shannon Hogan
Meredith Dalglish-Horton
A. Springer Hunt
Elaine Ireland
Ann Isolde
Anita Johnson
Lyn Jones
Nancy Jones
Sharon Kagan
Bonnie Keller
Cathryn Keller
David Kessenich
Judye Keyes
Mary Helen Krehbiel

Sherri Lederman
Julie Leigh
Ruth Leverton
Virginia Levie
Thea Litsios
C. Alec MacLean
Shelly Mark
Mary Markovski
Stephanie G. Martin
Sandra Marvel
Judith Mathieson
Laure McKinnon
Marie McMahon
Mary McNally
Susan McTigue
Amy Meadow
Chelsea Miller
Kathy Miller
Judy Mulford
Juliet Myers
Natalie Neith Laura Nelson
L. A. Olsen
Logan Palmer
Anne Marie Pois
Dorothy Polin (Judy Chicago's aunt)
Lynda Prater
Linda Preuss
Betsy Quayle
Rosemarie Radmaker
Charlotte Ranke
Rudi Richardson
Martie Rotchford
Roberta Rothman
Bergin Ruse
Karen Schmidt
Kathleen Schneider
Mary Lee Schoenbrun
Pauline Schwartz
Elfi Schwitkis
Manya Shapiro
Linda Shelp
Dee Shkolnick
Helene Simich
Louise Simpson
Leonard Skuro
Elsa Karen Spangenberg
Sarah Starr
Millie Stein
Catherine Stifter
Leslie Stone
Gent Sturgeon
Beth Thielen
Margaret Thomas
Sally Torrance
Kacy Treadway
Sally Turner
Karen Valentine
Betty Van Atta
Constance von Briesen
Audrey Wallace
Adrienne Weiss
Judith Wilson

The Dinner Party Studio Team

The Dinner Party core team in front of a mural of the studio, taken at the opening of The Dinner Party in San Francisco, 1979. Photograph courtesy of Through the Flower Archives