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Paid Internships

As a Brooklyn Museum intern, you’ll join a dynamic group of other emerging arts professionals to re-envision the future of museums while gaining workplace skills through hands-on, real-world projects. Our goal is to provide you with the most current methods and tools that are relevant to your field and interests, assign projects that are tailored to support your personal and professional growth, and provide space for critical dialogue that challenges the role of museums today. We offer paid internships for undergraduate and graduate students as well as adults who aren’t enrolled in higher education and who are at least 22 years of age. Recent graduates are also eligible to apply. 

We offer full-time, paid internships in the summer, and part-time, paid internships during the academic year. Interns receive free admission to most NYC museums and enjoy employee discounts at the Museum’s Café and Shop. 

If you’re a teen, check out our teen programs.
Internships combine two elements:

Departmental placements: As an intern, you’ll be paired with a supervisor and integrated into one of our departments, participating fully in day-to-day workplace activities and projects with the guidance of full-time staff members. Your placement is based on interest and relevant experience, and you’ll work alongside our expert staff on key tasks, gaining skills while making important contributions to the Museum as a whole. Interns also receive ongoing training and mentorship from department leaders who are committed to supporting interns’ growth, as well as their autonomy and agency, over the course of the program. Please refer to the online application for a list of available departmental placements and descriptions.

Weekly seminars: All of our internships combine practical experience with professional development through a series of weekly seminars that focus on the role of museums in society. During our fall and spring internships, seminars take place Tuesdays, 9:30 am–1:30 pm, and in summer they take place from 9:30 am–5:30 pm. The seminars look critically at the history of museums, question how museums have responded to current events, trends, and social issues, and ask interns to envision what the next generation of museums will look like. Seminars include intimate conversations with Brooklyn Museum curators, conservators, educators, and collection and exhibition specialists, as well as invited artists and outside experts. You’ll also visit local artist studios, museums, and other cultural institutions. In every task, interns gain skills and perspectives on museum work, and learn how to transfer those skills to other types of professional experience.

Fall 2022 Semester Internships
September 23–December 2, 2022
Online applications for fall internships open June 21, 2022, and are due by July 17, 2022, at 11:59 pm. Spring and fall internships are part-time, paid opportunities ($16 per hour, 18 hours per week, for 10 weeks).

Spring 2023 Semester Internships
January 27–May 5, 2023
Online applications for spring internships open in November 2022. Check back for updates.

Summer 2023 Internships
May 30–August 4, 2023
Online applications for summer internships open in February 2023. Check back for updates.

Internships FAQ

Do you require letters of recommendation?
No; instead, we ask that you provide two references (name, title, and contact email). References should be current or previous supervisors, professors, or other professionals who have worked with you in some capacity.

Do you provide credit for internships?
We don’t provide credit. However, if your college or university offers credit, we can serve as a host institution.

Do you offer unpaid internships?
No. However, if you have been awarded a stipend through your college or another program, we do welcome outside funding.

Can I apply to be an intern if Im not enrolled in college or graduate school?
Yes! We accept a variety of levels of experience and education. For those without higher education, we require three years of work experience in any industry (including retail and service fields). Individuals who have completed their associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree are also eligible to apply.

Do you offer visas?
We don’t pay for visas. If you’re interested in obtaining a visa on your own, in some circumstances we can serve as a host institution.

When will I receive notification about my application?
Each internship cycle has a different notification date. At the top of our online application form for each cycle, there’s a notification date listed for that particular cycle. Also, once you submit your application, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation email that includes the notification date.

I applied for an internship in the past and was not accepted. Can I apply again?
Yes. We encourage you to apply again and share your latest experiences, as well as the skills you’ve honed or acquired, since you submitted your last application.