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We are open today from 11 am to 6 pm.

2007 Past Exhibitions

Anita Chernewski: Coney Island (Thunderbolt)

Goodbye Coney Island?

November 28, 2007–April 6, 2008

Hew Locke: El Dorado

Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

August 31, 2007–January 27, 2008

Miwa Yanagi: Yuka, from the My Grandmothers series

Global Feminisms Remix

August 3, 2007–February 3, 2008

Toland Grinnell: Pied-a-Terre

Pied-a-Terre by Toland Grinnell

July 13, 2007–May 4, 2008

Boryana Rossa: Celebrating the Next Twinkling (Praznuvane na sledvascia mig)

Global Feminisms

March 23–July 1, 2007

Head of Hatshepsut or Thutmose III

Pharaohs, Queens, and Goddesses

February 3, 2007–February 3, 2008