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Events and Resources

BkM Teens take over the Museum and plan, promote, and host a variety of free events for teens throughout the year! Connect with us in person or online to learn more!

Teen Nights 2019 | Fridays, 5–7:30 pm

January 25: Soul of a Nation
March 15: Frida Kahlo and Half the Picture
May 17: Eric N. Mack
June 7: LGBTQ+ Teen Night

At Teen Nights you can see and make art, hear music, dance, win raffles, and meet new people. Teen Nights are inspired by our special exhibitions and planned by the Teen Night Planning Committee. The LGBTQ Teen Night is planned by InterseXtions: Gender & Sexuality members.

Pop-Up Events 2019 | Dates and times vary

August 1: BkM Teens Reunion: 99/19

Join one of our pop-up events to meet with artists and peers to discuss current events while exploring art in our galleries. Pop-up events are planned by InterseXtions: Gender & Sexuality, Teen Council, and/or in collaboration with partner organizations.

Interested in performing at Teen Night or a pop-up event? Submit a proposal to the Committees.

Connect online

Be a part of our online community through social media and our teen-produced websites to exchange ideas and explore art and youth activism beyond museum walls! Stay tuned with the latest beat of BkM Teens, educators, and staff! Hear about upcoming opportunities and see work created by teens.

#bkmteens | @bkmteens

Check out our teen-created BKM Digital Artizens project and explore what feminism’s got to do with us.

Download the Teen Guide to Art or the Teen Guide to Feminist Art, featuring art in our collections.