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Big Funky Chicken

Big Funky Chicken

Kristin Calabrese. Big Funky Chicken, 2010.

I write all over the walls of my studio. Big Funky Chicken is a painting of my wall with feathers stuck on it. I made that painting in response to a viewer who remarked that one of my interiors was “just a still life.” Technically, an interior is not a still life, since a still life is commonly a painting of fruits, flowers, musical instruments, meats, and vessels on a table; however I think the viewer was referring to objects arranged and painted, including furniture and other objects depicted in the painting. In that case, I reasoned, all realistic paintings are still life. I said, “I could just stick feathers on this wall and call it a still life. The idea struck me as funny, so I decided to paint it. I also thought that rendering my wall with the words all over it was similar to a trend of artists putting their studio walls in their shows, and also I thought it was interestingly personal – a bit of a self portrait of my thoughts. I called it Big Funky Chicken because it’s a big thing with colored feathers on it – mostly again because it gave me a chuckle. The dimensions of this painting are 63 x 63 inches – the same as my height by the with of my arms stretched out.


color, feathers, painting, still life

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Inglewood, CA
United States


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