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Black and White Stones in Old Sanaa

Black and White Stones in Old Sanaa

PACITA ABAD. Black and White Stones in Old Sanaa, 1998.

In Yemen, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the doors of houses, buildings and places of worship. I spent fascinating hours walking around alleys and streets of cities and villages, just looking at the houses and their doors. I was more partial to the steel doors than to the wooden doors, as they were painted in strong, loud, pure colors softened by the sun and the sand.

The days in Yemen were a non-stop creative challenge, every day a new idea, every day a new door. I discovered new doors in different towns throughout the country, and through my fascination with the doors, I discovered more about the Yemenis and their daily life.

I named this painting series “Door to Life”.


canvas, travel, Yemen, Sanaa, painting, color, pattern, door

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