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Mind the gap

Mind the gap

Sheila Pepe. Mind the gap, 2005.

Mind the gap was installed at the University Gallery at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst from February 5 through May13th of 2005. Among the "gaps" considered in the work were the actual gap provided by this long narrow gallery with symmetrical stepped entrances, and the generational gap between Judy Pfaff and myself. Judy installed Boa in the same space in 1982. The catalogue for the exhibition includes a conversation between Judy and myself - about the space, "installation," and other topics that crop up along the way.


abstract, drawing, crochet, installation, temporary, sculpture

Mr. SlitWe (from Mine Ayn)Mind the gapMind the gapMind the gapMind the gapMidtown

Brooklyn, NY
United States


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