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Blue Danaé 1

Blue Danaé 1

Tanya Ury. Blue Danaé 1, 1998.

Photograph sealed under plexiglass and mounted (MDF), 34 x 49 cm "Blue Danaé 1," one of two self-portrait photographs was created a year after the making of Tanya Ury's video/performance: 'Golden Showers', in which, over a two hour period, her body was completely covered in gold leaf by a German art restorer. Blue Danaé 1 & 2 depict the artist seated on blue velvet; the close-up images are of her genitalia covered in gold leaf. The photos are a homage to Gustav Klimt whose painting 'Danaé' was created during 1907-08. Danaé was impregnated by the god Zeus when he appeared to her in the form of a shower of gold.


Gustav Klimt, genitalia, self-portrait, Zeus

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